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Creative artists want to engage in discussion about their works, but not necessarily write about it themselves. My specialty is to translate the results of artistic development into a stimulating text. During this process I weave a larger picture, which includes the artist’s intentions, possible meanings, and relationships to other forms. The object is to allow the artistic and historical contexts to unfold, through which the fascination which a work of art creates becomes tangible for the viewer. The motivation to enter into debate with the artist’s work is roused.

Selection of texts/publications:

Henning Eichinger & Yvonne Kendall – »Coming Full Circle«, exhibition in the Wilhelm Fabry Museum, Hilden 2018 (catalogue text in german and english as download)

»Cordula Prieser – The evolution of space«, in: »Cordula Prieser – Der Raum ist mein Transporter«, Katalog 2017 (text in german and english as download)

»Lebens-Erfahrungen im Werk von Raimer Jochims« / »Norbert Prangenberg – Grotte« / Gerd Neisser – Fast nur blau«, texts for the catalogue of the Gratianus Foundation: »Colour attraction – mind and memory«; Reutlingen, 2016 (german text as download)

»Frühromantische Hornsonaten | Early romantic horn sonatas«, introduction to the historical period of early romanticism and CD layout for Steinar Granmo Nilsen [natural horn] / Kristin Fossheim [fortepiano]; Oslo, 2015 (booklet as download, text in german and english)

»Andrea Imwiehe – Randbereiche«, text for the vernissage at the Galerie 149; Bremerhaven, 2015 (german text as download)

»Stephan Guber – ecce homo 2.0«, text and catalogue layout for the exhiition in the Dankeskirche Bad Nauheim, 2014 (catalogue as download, text in german)

»Cordula Prieser – bongaloos, cases, shared spaces«, text for the catalogue produced by the artist; Bremen, 2013 (catalogue as download, text in german and english)

»Old Masters – New Minds«, catalogue texts on Dolf Bissinger, Werner Henkel, Rosa Jaisli, Gotthart Kuppel, Isabel Pauer, Barbara Rosengarth, Tilman Rothermel, Anette Venzlaff; edited by Dolf Bissinger, Atelierhaus Friesenstraße 30, Bremen; Bremen, 2012 (catalogue as download, texts in german and english)

»biennale venedig 2011«, texts about Christoph Schlingensief, Yael Bartana, Song Dong, Nicolas Hlobo, Anish Kapoor; Bremen, 2012 (brochure as download, text in german)

You can find more references here.