kunst-kontext = Anette Naumann

I am equally at home in the scientific world of art history as in the realm of visual arts. With a doctorate in art history, a training as painter as well as years of experience as a graphic designer, I have the necessary background to fulfill your requirements. Theoretical knowledge, conceptual thinking, technical know-how, drawing capabilities, visual inventiveness and pleasure in language are all components which accompany my work.

Proposals for cultural promoters and artists

  • Opening speeches and discourses
  • Art treatises
  • Graphic design for print*, Layout, logo development, image processing and photomontages,
    *links to team parters in web design
  • press relations

I will gladly visit your studio to see your oeuvre in the original and allow you to present your project. Studio visits involving travel are also possible. Call me to arrange an informal appointment.

Tel. 0049 [0]421 387 91 71